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Successful Outcomes


What’s the value of selling higher up into the client’s organization?

$245 Million Healthcare IT Consulting Firm. Strategic planning, marketing, web and sales support to manage the transition from staff augmentation to high value management consulting services, entered international markets. Enterprise value increased by 15X.


What’s the value of repositioning from a commodity to exclusive?

$56 Million Manufacturer of Hard Disk Drive Components. Implemented and refined strategic plan, marketing, web and sales support to implement the transition from stamping to precision engineering. Enterprise value increased by 10X.


 Case Studies of Arrow Up Partners


What’s the value of selecting and optimizing the right ERP System?

$100 Million Distributor of Consumer Products.  Selection of a new ERP system. Reduced operating costs by 20% over two-year period. Established growth model while reducing operating costs.


What We Do

Arrow Up Partners provide the advice, hands-on implementation, tools, and methodology you need to grow revenue, optimize your business, and have a successful transaction.


Revenue Growth Workshops

We help you define your future model and
critical few initiates to grow revenue.

Revenue Growth Engine

We help you grow revenue via integrated
marketing and sales campaigns.


Efficient Operations

1.) Gain Control,  2.) Eliminate Waste,  3.) Increase Quality,  4.) Boost Speed,  5.) Improve Profitability

Succession / Exit

We help you plan and stage your company
for a transaction.


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Arrow Up Partners at a Glance

The specialized skill sets, focus areas and support that middle market companies need to grow revenue and increase value.

Specialized Skill Sets

Strategic Planning
Business Management 
Organizational Planning
Sales Training
Graphic Design
Inbound Marketing
Social Media
Operational Efficiency

Focus Areas

Revenue Growth Workshops
Revenue Growth Playbook
Team Alignment
Marketing & Sales Engine
Scaling and Integration
Operational Improvements
Staging for an Exit
Succession / Exit Planning


Strategic Vision
Senior Leadership
Industry Expertise
Implementation & Delivery
Coaching & Mentoring
Interim Executives
Wide Network of Experts


About Arrow Up Partners

Arrow Up Partners was formed by four senior managing consulting specialists, John Foley, David Kissinger, David Shaffer, and Damon Brink who have been helping private equity portfolio companies create a focused strategy, grow revenue, scale and have a successful exit.  We are dedicated to helping business owners create a successful company for themselves, their employees and their families. We believe that independent business ownership and entrepreneurship are two of the most important American traditions that must be preserved. 


About Arrow Up Partners


What People Say

“Arrow Up Partners effectively distills the sales and marketing aspects of enterprise value creation into three clear concise stages.  A business that succeeds at all three of the Arrow Up steps will be considerably more valuable for having made those efforts.  Many businesses could benefit significantly from following the Arrow Up prescription.”

Murray Rudin
Managing Director
Riordan Lewis & Haden | Equity Partners 




Learn about revenue growth, improving efficiency, succession & exit planning from our collection of
white papers, fact sheets, and blog articles.

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