About Arrow Up Partners 

Driving Change From Within Your Company.


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About Arrow Up Partners

Roots in Private Equity

The overriding mission of a private equity firm is to increase the financial value of their portfolio companies. Working in private equity for the last several years, we found the formula for success in growing company value is simple to describe but not so easy to achieve. Our team includes specialists to help your firm achieve all three aspects of the private equity formula for success:

  1. Develop a vision and focused strategy to grow topline, high-margin revenue with your existing team.

  2. Create a marketing / sales engine to get the revenue.

  3. Maintain quality, effectiveness and efficiency throughout the delivery process. 


Our Team

By Design, We Are Small Team of Revenue Growth Experts


John Foley 

Co-Founder and CEO
Arrow Up Partners

Integrated Sales and Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Communications, Creative Strategy, Design, Entrepreneurship, Brand & Identity, Management, Multi-Cultural Marketing

John has been an integrated marketing, strategist, and creative partner for senior-level executives at middle market companies for over 15 years. Earlier in his career, John directed large-scale integrated marketing and creative initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. With over his 30 years of professional experience, John has served in client, agency and consulting roles which allows him to successfully serve in many capacities with clients.  


John Foley

[email protected]





David Kissinger

Founding Partner
Arrow Up Partners 

Business Vision, Strategic Alliances, Business Development, Sales Strategy, Sales Coaching, Entrepreneurship

David has served in numerous clinical and leadership roles in the healthcare and business services industries.  With a focus on sales and business development, David guides middle-market business owners to increase their company value through dramatic top line revenue growth. 

David also has a personal mission to improve the quality of healthcare, and serves on the Public Policy Committee of HIMSS North America.  He also serves  the citizens of Maumee, Ohio as a Member of City Council.


David Kissinger

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David Shaffer, MBA

Co-Founder and Partner
Arrow Up Partners 

Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching, Interim Executive, Sales and Operational Management, M&A Due Diligence Support 

With an extensive background in helping organizations to clearly define a strategic plan that can be executed, measured and provide bottom line performance achievement, David has worked with multiple organizations. His expertise extends beyond planning into overall operational improvement, sales management and executive coaching. 


David Shaffer

[email protected]





Damon D. Brink, Ph.D., PMP, CSSGB, CSSBB

Co Founder and Partner
Arrow Up Partners

Lean Six Sigma, Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Manufacturing, Patents, Process Engineering, Nano-Technology

Strategic, creative, performance-focused technology leader experienced in large, medium, and early-stage companies. Solid track record of directed innovation, strategic analysis, team building, and commercialization of new technologies and products using a market-driven approach to design and development. Skilled at identifying and linking technologies and markets by leveraging broad experience across medical device and other industries. Multi-disciplinary expertise in the implementation of new manufacturing processes, cost modeling and financial analysis, quality systems, process validation, and new product introduction. Deep experience managing the strategy and protection of intellectual property.


Damon Brink

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Proven Process for Growing Revenue

Growth Driven From Within

The most effective way is to have growth generated from within your organization instead of outside consultants.  We provide the revenue growth planning tools, advice and coaching to guide your company through growth barriers.

  • Identify growth barriers and solutions – Revenue Growth Planning Workshop
  • Plant the seeds to grow – New Target Operating Model, Critical Few Initiatives and Play Book
  • Water and nurture – Team Alignment, Lean Six Sigma Efficiency 
  • Manage growth – Sales and Marketing Growth Engine
  • Harvest the results – Increased Top Line Revenue
  • Succession or Exit – Planning and Staging 
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Our Story

And We're Sticking To It.

We Started With the Question “Why?”

Why does Arrow Up Partners exist?  We see that entrepreneurs build companies based on a vision of a better life for themselves and their families.  They take enormous risks, work a crazy number of hours and sacrifice a lot for success. We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to own your own business is one of the most important American values. 

Three guys, John Foley, David Shaffer and Damon Brink, experienced in helping private equity held portfolio companies grow, built our business—Arrow Up Partners.  We decided to operate within our client’s company, like a tool in your briefcase, to help your current team manage and be accountable for growth.

Arrow Up Partners Story

Firm Highlights

A Different Approach to Consulting

Committed to Your Business Success

  • Roots in Private Equity
  • Successful at growing revenue for middle market companies.
  • Each partner has over 25 years of success.
  • The skills and tools typically offered by top management consulting firms to Fortune 500 companies, adapt to the middle market.
  • We then created a win-win model, where a portion of our fees and a bonus are based on performance. 
  • We help your current team manage and be accountable for growth.
Arrow Up Partners Highlights