Revenue Growth Workshops

Why book a Revenue Growth Workshop? Collaboration, innovation, accountability and focus.


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Our Services

Together or independently, our services are designed address the needs of  early stage, growth stage, or late stage companies. 


Growth Strategies

We help you define your future model and critical few initiates to grow revenue.


Revenue Growth Workshops



Does your team clearly understand and support your top 3-5 growth initiatives? Book a facilitated 2-3 day Revenue Growth workshop with your team and trusted advisors.

Outputs from Your Workshop

  • Target-operating model: the financial plan for your future company.
  • Current operating model: the financial plan for your company today.
  • Team Brainstorming - 200+ revenue growth ideas to bridge the gaps.
  • 3-5 Prioritized Ideas - using revenue growth business criteria.
  • Work Plans - for the 3-5 prioritized revenue growth initiatives
  • Resources Allocation – budget and team accountability.
  • Schedules - implementation time lines.
  • Leadership Commitment – ongoing review by senior management.



Revenue Growth Playbook



An Essential Tool for Your Business

The Revenue Growth Playbook Is a customized easy-to-read dashboard.

Snapshot of Your Business:

  • Key financial metrics.
  • Current leads and projected sales.
  • Inventory and material levels (if appropriate).
  • Implementation progress on “Critical Few” revenue growth initiatives.
  • Budget status on project basis and roll-up to master budget.
  • Clear accountability.
  • Upcoming “Critical Few” revenue growth initiatives.




Team Alignment


Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Rapid change and high growth can create an environment of stress and pressure on your team.  Your company culture can be crushed, innovation suppressed, and your people can be pushed into acting of fear.

Team Alignment Services include:

  • Regular core team meetings to review initiatives and assure accountability.
  • Improved communications.
  • Team assessment and skill mapping to required tasks.
  • Increased engagement and participation.
  • Motivated the team that's synchronized, accountable, and focused.
  • Maintain and foster a positive culture.
  • Increased collaboration and innovation.

Revenue Growth Engine

We help you grow revenue through advanced marketing and sales programs.


Marketing and Sales Engine


We position your brand in the hearts and minds of prospects, then engage them with compelling content, and convert them to qualified leads.  Working with your sales force, leads are then turned into sales via an organized, marketing and sales system using tools from Hubspot and

Full Suite of Services

We help develop and validate the strategy, create differentiated messaging, memorable and effective creative and apply to all marketing and sales channels.  Marketing and sales channels typically include website, sales support collateral, sales training, corporate identity, blog articles, email, long-tail search term terms, signage, trade show materials, and all content


Revenue Growth Through Scaling


Expansion Into New Markets

With a solid business case, a viable growth strategy is to expand the business into new regions and locations. Arrow Up Partners help you create a scalability plan and project manage to completion. Since expansion typically requires capital investment, we can you deliver critical data points to inform the business case.  

Mergers and Acquisitions Support

With M&A activity increasing, successfully integrating operations and teams can be a big challenge. We provide the planning, support and management to help with a smooth transition. 



Efficient Operations

We help you gain control, eliminate waste, and increase quality, speed and profitability.


Operational Improvements



Workplace Order and Control

In a rapidly growing environment maintaining order and control is a critical component to success.  Efficiency comes when workplace is clean, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Using the 5S methodology - sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain, we help your team gain control of the operations.

Getting Ready for Growth

We help your operations become efficient and more effective utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodology. The many benefits include elimination of waste, optimized resources, lower cost, greater productivity, higher quality product, and more value for stakeholders. 



Succession / Exit

We help you stage your company for buyers to get the highest multiples


Business Staging


Staging your business for sale starts well in advance of preparing a pitch book and hiring a deal team. The factors that matter to buyers are performance based and have to be in place for a successful sale.  We help create those factors and position them to attract as many buyers as possible and create competitive tension amongst buyers.

Arrow Up Partners Leads the Following:

  • Repositioning company to show differentiation and apply to website and other marketing materials.
  • Develop proof points of growth, profitability, customer and employee loyalty, latest technology and scalability.
  • Secure patents and intellectual property.
  • Document procedures and processes.
  • Prepare facilities for tours.



Succession / Exit 


Taking It To The Finish Line

We support the deal team through the succession / sale process.  Deal teams include investment banking, legal, and financial players. 


  • Pitch book creation.
  • Due diligence support.
  • Succession / exit strategy.
  • Presentations for potential buyers including videos and virtual walk-throughs.
  • Communications plan for customers, employees, and suppliers.