We think like investors.

We help portfolio companies define and integrate an optimal target operating model that aligns with the expectations of investors, shareholders, customers and industry.

Through hands-on strategic planning, the definition of key critical initiatives, they get aligned, get organized and successfully implement high-value initiatives based on a clear roadmap.

The Arrow Up Partners’ Story

The Arrow Up Partners story began in 2005 when John Foley and David Shaffer, both management consultants, conducted Critical Few Workshops with Riordan, Lewis and Haden | Equity Partners to help them grow the value of their portfolio companies. After working with investors and business owners associated with the private equity investments the Target Operating Model and associated Critical Few roadmap became the operational plan. The results were outstanding.

  • Portfolio companies were sold for excellent multiple because of many factors including the Critical Few Workshops and follow-up implementation.
  • Productivity of employees could be measured and focus was on quality value rather than activities
  • Investors could align and measure ROI against achievable results
  • Investment pools grew through demonstrated ROI on existing investments

In 2018 Arrow Up Partners expanded and brought in Charles Schapira to expand the firm's capabilities and meet growing demand.

We’re different kind of firm. Left brain meets right brain. Logic meets emotion. Science meets art.

Arrow Up Partners is not a typical consultancy and we like it that way. We stand at the intersection of financial, operational, creative and strategic firms.

  • We work with investors of privately held companies of all sizes and industry types.
  • Unlike big firms with large expensive offices and a staff that needs to stay billable, we are virtual and work with a network of seasoned professionals on a project basis as needed.
  • We come from the financial community, but aren’t CPAs or financial advisors.
  • We offer on-line and off-line branding, design, positioning, and sales support but aren’t an agency or design firm.
  • We are management consultants, but unlike most management consulting firms, we enjoy successfully implementing the tactics we recommend.
  • We think like investors, and measure value by increasing EBITDA.
  • We have served in executive leadership roles, so recommendations come from a track record of successful leadership.
Arrow Up Critical Few Weekend Workshops & Implementation

Many portfolio companies do not have a clear, actionable roadmap that they follow on a daily-basis that directly ties to growth and an increase in value. It seems that surviving the challenges of day-to-day operations can be overwhelming, especially when a company is in the process of integrating add-on companies.

We create a four-way-win scenario.
  1. Investors win because they see reduced investment risk and the successful implementation of growth initiatives.
  2. CEOs and leadership teams win because they see greater internal cooperation and focus when there is a team aligned around a roadmap. They also enjoy supportive investors.
  3. Employees win because they see appreciation for their contributions and a place for themselves in a company in transition.
  4. Customers and clients win as they receive the quality products and services they expect and deserve.

What we do at Arrow Up Partners